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Briefly about us

Tahoma d.o.o. was established in 2009 with the primary activity – software programming.

The first major company with which we started co-operation right at the start of our company is located in Asia, and by 2010 we have created complete software from the warehouse through the financial statements to the online customer interface.

After cooperating with the Asian online market, our business is expanding to the US ground, and our, then yet small competent company, is finding expanse for cooperation with Ficus Enterprises from the United States. The cooperation started at the end of 2010 on PatentCore (now known as Patent Advisor), which was purchased by ReedTech and we are still in the full development of this application.

In March 2016, another co-operation with a large eurodata with the ProPep company from Germany starts, which continues to be of mutual satisfaction and is increasingly developing and programming the software.

In addition to the three most significant clients we have been running or doing, we have had a range of small to mid-sized clients for which we have created web portals and other more or less specialized applications.

Our work is mainly based on specialized areas so that data is terabied every day and tens of thousands of daily visitors are a normal occurrence.

Since December 2017, we have adapted our business to ISO 9001: 2015, iso / iec 20000-1: 2011 and ISO / IEC 27001: 2013. Certification for these standards is provided by the TUV Austria Certification Body.


Our values are most transparently displayed through our work and experiences we gather through great business challenges and serious clients. We value innovation as one of the greatest values above all. Together with our passion for the business we develop for years, we strive for the simplicity of solutions that meet today’s business demands. We are here to make a significant contribution to your business and we do not agree to anything less than the value that implies excellence.
We are aware of our responsibilities towards you, us, and the community in which we are creating new values. We like challenges, because, thanks to them, we become better, more professional and more agile. Also, one of the key values for us is a social responsibility. Another of the values we develop in our business climate is certainly acceptance of diversity. We do not believe in racial, sexual, national or any other divisions, the only thing we care about is the integrity we are constantly building, our passion and dedication to work, as well as our work ethic and professionalism.

As a team, we are guided by the philosophy of Carnage:

“If I could lose my factory or my organization, I would not hesitate to sacrifice factories I could rebuild, while I could not rebuild an organization in a generation, that is, a well-chosen and well-formed collective in which each member is on the spot which is most needed.”

Among the team is a very good team spirit that is inspired by creativity, new knowledge, and brilliant co-operation between older and newer colleagues. Only the knowledge that is selflessly shared within our company can lead us to a constant prosperity. We are willing to support young talents and students who would recognize as part of our system and business policy. We strive to give each member of our team a chance to realize full potential, encourage them to think critically as well as alternative ways of thinking.


Our vision is to inspire and work through our ideas, team spirit, services, innovative solutions, experiences and above all through the passion for every service we provide, because only through such an action are emerging acceptable new values in a turbulently changing technological world and define easier and better IT future.


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