Team building

Our business model is based on the principle of working from home, the so-called “remote working”, with our places of residence being “scattered” across the Balkan region. Even though we are separated by several hundreds and even thousands of kilometres as well as national boundaries, we have developed a team spirit marked by a friendly and collegial atmosphere.

This distance is precisely what boosts our motivation for organizing TBE twice a year and drives us to choose inspiring cities or other exciting locations that can be reached easily from our respective places of residence. These locations are usually situated on the territory of the Balkan region and are well-known for their offer of a wide range of interesting and quality activities that easily fulfil one long three-day weekend.

Throughout the last 7 consecutive years, our aim has been to combine business with pleasure, and it has therefore become a tradition to consecrate our TBE weekend Saturday to “business” by organizing different sporting activities, which strengthens team spirit through formation of camps or groups. Everything depends on the activities that the chosen destination offers, based on which we then organize our weekend schedule and choose which of the offered activities suit us best. When it comes to the best time for organizing TBE, autumn and spring have become traditional seasons for our TBE activities. Our colleagues choose one weekend that is suitable for everyone.

Our TBE weekends are hard to describe, they can only be experienced, as evident from the photo gallery, which also proves that at each new gathering, one or more new employees or external associates join our team.




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